Friday, July 13, 2007

Thanks to Courtney for this awesome blinkie!!!

Saturday, June 30, 2007

GAH! I was tagged

These are the rules…. each player starts with 7 random facts about themselves on their Blog. People who are tagged need to blog 7 facts about themselves and post the rules as well. At the end of their blog list 7 people you are tagging. Let them know that they are tagged by leaving them a comment. My facts are:

1. I am currently on hold for my bank and have been for ten minutes. They suck.
2. I was all set to see a outdoor showing of ET when it got rained out. V. disappointed.
3. I got my first issue of Photoshop User and made my first payment on my Jeep on the same day. My anniversary. Whee
4. My dog follows me everywhere. I don't think it is out of love or anything, it's more out of "will he spontanesously drop food?"
5. I have been to every Peach Greets for the past two and a half years.
6. I just put all of my digi kits on sale at 37% off.
7. I am still on hold. Yep, they suck.

Seven taggees:
Courtney, Nicole, Jenn,

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Scalloped Edges?

Someone had a question over at and I threw this out there for them to try.
Thought some of y'all might need this too.

You could try and create one using a hard round edge brush.

Click on the brush and then go to your brush palette (Window > Brushes). Click on the 19 inch round edged brush. To the left of your brush selections you'll see Brush Presets and under that is Brush Tip Shape. At the bottom of this screen you'll see a Spacing slider. Slide it to the right until the circles are just touching. I did mine at 95%

Then go to your paper that you want to scallop. Create a new layer on top of that. Zoom out until you get some gray area around your document. Click once just outside the left edge of your paper and proably about a half inch down from the top (you'll want some space at the top for later) then Shift and click on the right end of the paper. This will create a row of brush circles across the top.

Control Click (Command Click) on the brush layer to get the marching ants selection. Highlight your paper layer. Control + Shift + Letter I to invert the selection. Grab your eraser tool and erase the paper along the top edge of the brush circles. This should work.

You can then just rotate the brush layer 90 CW to erase the sides and bottom.