Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Eastern State Penitentiary (ESP) Ghost Hunt #2

You may recall back in September of last year I disappeared into an abandoned mental institution with my sister and friends. Don't worry, we made it back out again.

WELL, it's that time again!

Yep, I am going on another ghost hunt with my family. This time however they have turned what I originally thought of as a 'rocking fun time' to a full out professional touring group. The group is called SoulFan Paranormal (SFP) and they conduct equipment heavy searches through local institutions around the Boston area.

The group decided to travel towards Philadelphia, PA this time, though. And I will be joining them, hurrah! We will be going on a day tour with all the other 'muggles' (non ghost hunting folk). Then returning later that night to have the entire place to ourselves.
My sister is leading the investigation this time and she has already mapped out team members and camera locations throughout the site. She put me on her team because we always have a good time together (read as "laugh our asses off").
I can't wait to see this place. From the Ghost Hunters episode, I have gathered it is WICKED huge. Should be a fun time.
Stay tuned for tons of pictures from this trip. Especially since I have my Nikon 50mm f1.8 D lens in my hot little hands. It should be fantastic for all of those low light situations.
Wish me luck and pray for a safe return, yeah?

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