Saturday, June 19, 2010

Blog Hoppin'

Don't know why, BUT my nose started running constantly right as I tried to lay my head down on the nice cool sheets and go to sleep.
Yeah, that idea is ruined.

I do have something else to while away the hours with, though. Wanna hear about it?
SURE you do. Otherwise you wouldn't be spending time reading my blog.

Jessica Sprague as we all know is ONE ROCKIN' CHICK! She really does come up with some inspiring ways to keep me digi scrapping. Amazing classes are certainly one way I keep racing back to the Spragueground. But now she's up to something different.

In order to celebrate the THIRD anniversary of this Happiest Website on Earth she's come up with a super fun way of making us all run around in circles.

Blog Hopping! I've heard of it being used as a way to collect a kit, but Jessica managed to make it that much sweeter by also including a word phrase with all 33 of the downloads. Once we've downloaded all of the pieces (not a quick task, let me tell ya) we've got all of these phrases to unscramble then send it all back in.

I don't even remember what the prize is supposed to be, or even if there is one. But I don't care. I love this blog hopping thing. Wait, my computer just pinged. That means download number 17 just finished!!

Wish me luck.

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