Saturday, July 31, 2010

CHA - Day One

OOF! This may take a while. I have the most amazing headache right now. I can't figure out why. I only had a glass of wine last night, but it feels like my head is having second thoughts.
Meg and I met up around 10 AM Atlanta time yesterday and drove to the airport. Made it and checked bags, then only had to stand around for half an hour til we boarded the plane. Uneventful voyage and landed around 2 PM Sprague-Time. We chose to use and EXPRESS van thinking it would get us to the hotel faster than the train. Boy, were we wrong. Traffic was amazingly bad and it ended up taking us an hour and twenty minutes. Drop our bags off in the room with the most gorgeous view of the Chicago River. Rush back to the train and take it almost all the way back to the airport. CRA-ZY!

Needless to say, Meg was about 45 mins late for her shift at the First Ever CHA Sprague Booth! Everyone did an incredible job setting it up and when we arrived it was slammed. Apparently it had been that way all day! Yay for Jessica. I managed to squeeze in hugs for all and a manly handshake with THE MR. JARED himself. So cool.

I was due upstairs for a market research group. Can you guess which product they randomly chose me to test? Can you believe it? I felt like such a ringer. Jenn, the marketing manager, got some really great information out of the other nine ladies though. So it was worth it to sit there and listen to all the great reviews. I almost fell over when one lady said she didn't like digi because she'd lose the social aspect of it. BWAAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! I set her straight on the fan-TAB-ulous group of people on this earth, otherwise known as the Spraguemates.

Afterwards, I went back down stairs and took pictures of the booth and walked around a bit to see all the stuff they have. This convention is humongous! The convention hall goes on for days and days. I highly doubt that Meg and I will get through it all in the two hours set aside tomorrow.

The show was over, the lights were dimmed to tell people to leave and dinner was calling. Joan, Meg, and I had the honor of eating with Ms. Carina Gardner and Crystal Wilkerson. We dined at Gibson's steak house and fought constantly with our waiter over whether Mormons were actually good people and which hunk of meat to order. He was funny. I am warning you now, though. If you order dessert be prepared to have it with at least eight of your friends. We ordered the chocolate mousse pie and it literally fed all five of us with plenty for Joan to take back to the hotel.

Let's see what goodness tomorrow brings!

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