Monday, September 06, 2010

New Digital Kit? Check!

I've been on a digital kit bender ever since completing Jessica Sprague's awesome incredible Art of Digital Design course. Got my mojo back! I went back through all the elements and paper packs that I've created and found 35 full kits and several other element packs just raring to go. Spruced them all up and created previews using my logo design approved by Carina Gardner herself!

But I couldn't stop there now, could I? Not only did I finish the kit required for the class, but I pumped out three brand new full digital kits! My newest one has been haunting me since last year. Venice was such a beautiful city that I couldn't let it just fade into the past. I found tons of fun things to use as ephemera in this kit. Hope you like it.

I thought I'd share my latest preview with y'all and see what you thought. AND if I can get up to 25 comments on it by next Sunday night at 7 P.M. I will bundle up a small sampling of it to offer to you for FREE. Okay, okay. So I would appreciate the love, but there's no reason why you shouldn't benefit as well, right?

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