Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Factors Multiples Arrays OH MY!

It must have been all the sleep I got during the Thanksgiving Break, but I managed to finish up a math packet I've been working on for a bit. I started it when I noticed my students weren't having much luck grasping the idea behind multiplication strategies. I want them to have several ways to think about solving multiplication and division problems when standardized testing time rolls around. I usually start by asking the class what ways do they know to solve a problem like 3x12.

This year when I asked I got the logarithm method of straight vertical multiplication. When I probed for another way...*crickets crickets crickets*

Even when I lead them with ideas such as drawing 3 circles and putting 12 shapes inside each, or mentioned arrays I still got complete blank stares out of my 19 students. They were fascinated as I showed them the lattice method of multiplication and moved into the area model. They loved those and started using them right away.

And the idea for this packet of activities was born.

I didn't manage to get everything in this one, but after 34 slides, I figured it was time to let it go. Here's what I did include in it:

Classroom posters (1 each for Factors, Multiples, and Arrays)
Divisibility Rules
Factor Activities including worksheet and game
Array homework and worksheet ideas
Making Arrays
Array word problems
Multiplication tables (blank and filled)
Multiples word problems
Multiples games

You can find it right HERE
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