Monday, August 04, 2014

School starts TOMORROW!

A good thing that came out of the whole kitchen remodel dilemma was that I wasn't able to stress out like I normally do about a new year starting.

Kids arrive tomorrow! I think I'm in a good place with materials and lessons for the week. But if you are a teacher you KNOW there's no way to really be prepared for everything that happens on the first day.

I plan on reading First Day Jitters and do some activities with that. I found a great ice breaker activity Kristine Nannini called Body Graffiti where the kids break up into groups and pick one person to trace out on butcher paper. Then they write down things in different parts of the body.

  • Head = Things we are excited to learn about this year
  • Arms = Activities we do this year (writing, drawing)
  • Stomach = Things we like to eat at school
  • Eyes = Books we like to read
  • Ears = Music we like to listen to
  • Legs = Places to go in Fourth Grade (PE, field trips, Nature Trail)
You can find other great activities in Kristine's packet
The rest of the day is definitely going to spent trying to figure out how everyone is getting home, organizing supplies, and going over procedures.
So what are your plans for the First Day? Send me a comment below. I would love to hear how you are preparing for that new group of fresh faces. 

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