Sunday, September 27, 2015

Sharing Sunday

Do you realize that I've been in school a total of 8 weeks already? EIGHT! That's two whole months of back to school. This also means there's only one more before the end of the first marking period. Whoa! So fast. It often feels like time is slogging through the quicksand as you go day to day. Before you know it though, you look up and the first marking period is over.

Life is definitely in fast forward and it's hard to find time to just breathe. The fine folks over at Primary Peach have come up with a solution to the Merry-Go-Round this month. I am linking up with their Sharing Sunday to help you plan out the month ahead. Give you a little time to do those things you love - eat, sleep, go to the bathroom, read a book.

I've got some fun ideas for your ELA and Math blocks below.


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 One of my favorite books to read to the class in Frindle from Andrew Clements. It shows them that there are possibilities to change the world if they have a little ingenuity. I am so sad that third grade taught it last year and I can't use it with my students this year since they know all the answers. Gah! Maybe you can squeeze some fun out of this one!


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We are currently knee-deep in our intro to multiplication. But we aren't to teach the basic algorithm. School rules. Instead, we look at the relationship between addition and look at strategies to solve these problems. Area model, commutative properties, and arrays are just some of the methods we use. Good thing I've got my Factors, Multiples, Arrays Oh MY! packet ready to go in my TpT store.

Hope these help you out this month as the holidays start approaching. Maybe  you'll have time to carve a pumpkin, or start that early Christmas shopping. Who knows!

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