Thursday, October 22, 2015

I Need My Monster!

The time is almost nigh upon the witching hour. The fogbank prowls closer to the front door. No need to worry about that whispering; it's just an old friend. Come to sit beside you and tell you a story.

Do I have you in a frightful mood? Well, I have a creepy little packet to share with you.

I put this together last year to get my students to have more in depth discussions about books and to put all their talking skills to GOOD use!

There are five spooky tales to with your class, or to break them into five small groups to discuss one at a time.


We practice a lot of conversational skills such as eyes on the speaker, sitting still, and responding to what is said. I have an anchor chart about Conversational Starters. It helps students form their responses and pay closer attention to what the other children are saying. Something I find they don't often do.
The poster includes things such as:
I like what you said about ______________
I think your idea is interesting, but ______________
I agree with _____________
That's a good point. Have you thought ______________
It also helps set a spooky mood when you turn off the lights and tell the stories by flashlight!
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