Saturday, December 31, 2005

Cruise Kit - My First

As promised, I am going to let you sit next to me while I figure out how to create an original kit design using PSE3.0 (and maybe CS2, since I just downloaded (dl) the trial).
I just came back from a cruise with Royal Caribbean that stopped in such exotic locales as Jamaica and Grand Cayman. It was an awesome trip and one that I wanted to remember. So I decided to do a kit based on the boat. There were so many awesome patterns, textures, and ideas throughout the entire ship that I took more pictures of the ship details than I did of the vacation!
Can you see me walking around with my camera taking pictures of the carpeting? The fabric on chairs? Ship sails? Maybe you can, because you've done it too! My head was hurting after a while trying to take in all of the rich design features available. I have picked a few and am going to use them to create my kit entitled Radiance.
I'm going to create a post for each element, so bare with me. I think I'll start with a background paper (BG).
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