Saturday, December 31, 2005

Hi ya! Intro Post

Welcome to my little corner of the world. My name is Gary, but most people on the internet know me as ScrappyGuy. Yep, I am male and I am a scrapper! I’ve been scrapping for just a little over a year. I started out right after hosting a Murder Mystery party with a 50’s theme. My friends all dressed up in poodle skirts, slicked back hair, and bobby socks. It was so much fun that I wanted to show it off in a way that went beyond putting pictures in a photo sleeve. Within two days I had googled scrapbooking and a whole new world opened before me.
My growth as scrapper has been an interesting one. I think I bought every single tool on the market, as much paper as I could stuff into my closet, each embellishment that caught my eye, and ebayed way too many auctions. After my one year anniversary on November 2 of this year I took stock of what I had accomplished. I had seven albums, completed 15 gift albums, 28 cards, and countless swaps. However I still had TONS of material left over. I was a little embarrassed at this expense and started looking for a different way to control my spending.
I had heard people referencing a photo manipulation program called Adobe Photoshop. Saw the price and, after picking my eyes up off the floor, started conniving. How could I get the money for that? Short story short, I scrapped the money together by tutoring after school and bought it. I was so excited to load it on my computer so imagine my surprise to find out that I couldn't do it!! I was running Windows ME (don't get me started) and it wouldn't support PSE. I had to WAIT some more until I could get a new computer. Once that was accomplished (more tutoring) and installed I clicked on the little icon to open up my first Adobe Photoshop Elements creation. From then on I couldn't figure out a D$%^^ thing!
Yeah, I cried a little. But I picked myself back up and went googling. Did you realize that there are 3,100,000 posts for 'adobe photoshop tutorials'? So happy to discover that fact. I started reading and reading and reading some more. I found wonderful websites that walked me step by step through creating LO's and manipulating elements around. Once I got the basics down, I flew!
Words like, ShabbyPrincess, and TheDigiChick began to enter my vocabulary. I downloaded every single freebie I could get my hands on. What a mess that was. HA! After careful research and a few swift kicks in the rear end by more knowledgeable people, I organized my files and began to play.
As I grew more familiar with the ins and outs of PSE, my brain kept telling itself, "You didn't have to pay $6.50 for this kit. I can do that!" I fiddled around a little and yep, I can do that. I can create background paper. I can craft a brad and even create grosgrain ribbon! But I wanted to learn more. I wanted to go all out and MAKE MY OWN KIT!
Do you know how many tutorials explaining that are in google? None. And I have tried finding something every which way I can.
SO, here’s my idea: I am going to record my journey of self-discovery and share it, with anyone that will listen that is. Will you join me? I hope so!
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