Sunday, February 17, 2008

GA Peach Greet - Archiver's

Today was officially the wackiest Peach Greet ever! Who knew that the Archiver’s Make and Take weekends would be so popular? Who knew they would open their doors an entire HOUR before regular times? Apparently not the customer who called in yesterday and was told 9:30 and then showed up to have the room completely packed and not a seat to be found anywhere. Boy, was she livid!

Yep, it was crazy. I was up and putzing around and could have gone in earlier to reserve the five seats we would need. Unfortunately I was unaware of the time change and the well-liked weekend response. I got up there at 9:35 and was halted in the aisle by Jenn. She asked, “Umm, you’re here to crop? You’re people are probably already here, right?” Don’t you love how she knows us!! Come to find out only my friend, Carrie that I invited had managed to sneak into a seat. Sharon came up out of the stacks to introduce herself after having arrived at 9. She hadn’t gotten herself a seat, though. Jenn explained that they were trying to set up a small table for us in the back workroom.

I immediately call Courtney and Martina to fill them in. Their advice was to hang out until we were all there together. While we waited Carrie suggested we move the party to her house since she had a large dining room table that could easily accommodate all of us. The staff at Archiver’s managed to shuffle things around and find us three empty seats. Since Carrie had one, we were still one seat down. So I asked if it was okay to grab me a stool and I could prop myself in a corner near the back counter. They got it approved, but then turned around and gave my seat to someone else standing there at the counter. GAH!

Pretty soon all of us were assembled and decided that with the bleak fate of having to sit scattered around the room we would take Carrie up on her offer. We decided to shop and then grab a lunch to take with us before we left. I snagged a great pink baby album for my sister-in-law and thought about a doodle design book. Soon we were all piled into Courtney’s van and headed to Carrie’s.

She was right. Her table was more than adequate to fit us all. We ate and got settled into scrapping. Carrie was so ecstatic to have found other scrappers in her area and eagerly shared her previous albums with us. It was fun to watch her progression as a scrapper emerge. Reminds me of myself as a newbie. Can you believe it’s been four years? Oooh, that’s the first time I’ve said it myself. It just seems like yesterday that I discovered how to rip and ink papers!

We loved meeting Sharon and having her share her Disney album. The story about her 13 year old daughter realizing that the family trip was to be her first adventure with the Mouse was so great. Sharon also showed us how she was going to incorporate all of those character autographs into her album. I took a shot of it and will post it on the wink account.

Courtney was a whirlwind of activity with her college day pages. I think CCA was a good influence on her because she flew through FIVE pages. Martina was doing her thang with her LO about her daughter’s first scrap page. It was adorable! I was making some more pages for my digital school year in review. Carrie was finishing up some pages from her London trip where she got to go to a real live ball, gown and all. She needs to finish soon to get ready for that first grand baby on they way!

Sadly, the time to go came all too quickly. After dropping us all off back at Archiver’s we hit the road. Oh, except Martina who went back in to make good use of her 30% coupon. The mall was incredibly busy which made traffic just drag along. Another Peachy Day has come to a close.

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