Sunday, July 27, 2008

My First Photo Shoot

Official one that is. A photo shoot I choose the location, secured a model and asked her to wear her favorite color, prepared some possible poses and props, and brought my equipment with me.

Christine is such an awesome friend that she didn't hesitate at all when I brought up the idea of a possible shoot. If anything she thought it would be fun. (YAY!)

We went over to the Forum in Norcross for lunch of sushi and pad thai and then I showered her with gifts. I found her favorite flowers (gerber daisies) in her favorite color (orange). I had her pick out her favorite classic novel to peruse. And I bought a French style cup and saucer for one of my poses. She was happy with everything I had in mind.

I set up in this little area outside the Williamas Sonoma store that looks like a French bistro with tables and such. I had my tripod set up and used both lenses to get some different angles. I also brought along my handy dandy exposure rulers straight from my OHShoot! Photography class with Candice Stringham on the site. That way I can play around with the aperature for some more creative shots.

We were going along just fine, getting some fun poses. I was so excited that I forgot to keep checking the viewscreen. I messed up all of the photos by the fountain. Too bad, though. They would have been great.

Here are three good shots that I managed to get:

that was all until the SECURITY descends upon us! Apparently someone called our 'suspicious activities' in. So the golfcarts came racing to curtail our evil doings.

I was almost done with my ideas, so I was all "Okay, we're leaving. Thank you kindly."

Christine was ready and raring for a fight! But she managed to hold it in and we packed up. Sigh. It would have been a perfect day had we not been thrown out.

After I got home I did some googling for 'photography laws' and found a site that stated we had every right to take photos since we were on 'public access areas'. Not quite sure what I would have done with this information, but it will be good to have under my belt for next time.

Otherwise I will miss more shots like this:

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