Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Master Bath - - Day Three

Huge difference coming home today! Insulation replace, walls were up, some sort of plastic sheeting to prevent leakage, and then black sealant. Ooh, big diff??

The shower floor is in!! Never mind the extra foot of space added on the front and back areas from the original. Can you see the polished river rock? Can you see the texture of each individual stone adding to the overall earthy effect? Can you imagine the sensation of soft smoothly rounded rocks gently massaging the undersoles? Yeah? Yeah. I know. I can't wait, either!
Also, more materials were delivered today. We have special ordered two vessel bowls for our vanities.

We chose this style because of its natural material exterior. The green granite inner material goes great with the rainforest marble.
This is one of the vessels.

and here's the second one. Sigh. I can hear your brain from here. I totally agree with you. It looks like a bedpan, right? Alas, we can only return the vessel if it is defective. Please find something defective with this one, or I am going to be washing my face in a urinal shaped sink. Any help is appreciated! Thanks.


Lorrie said...

I would have never thought it was shaped like a urinal until you brought it up!!!

Christy said...

I am totally loving the river rock! Massaging feet sounds awesome!

Christy said...

As for the sink, I think it looks like a pear.

Marlana said...

If I come put together your fake Christmas tree, will you spruce up MY bathroom for me? LOL! It's a fair trade... right? ;)