Wednesday, April 01, 2009

No April Fool's!!

Ooooh one more BIG thing...Check it out!Lucy is giving away 5 spots to the Scrap Etc event!{NO April fools!}This is what her email said:We are giving away FIVE spaces to the Scrap ETC event!And we have FIVE ways you can win:1. Post a comment on the blog.2. Tell your friends to come and post a comment, and if they do, tell us that they referred you! Both of you will get a chance!3. Post this contest on your blog---and post a link in our comments!4. Post a link in the comments to anywhere else online that you have posted about this!5. Post it on your facebook or twitter status---and let us know that you did!We will draw the names Thursday morning,April 2nd!Start posting NOW!Good luck!
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