Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Provo, here I come!

The long awaited day has finally arrived. It is here. The time has come, etc etc.

What started as a glint in Annette Harding's eye at CKU-Houston when she so inadvertantly let it slip that a 'digi event' was in the works, has come to fruition.

In about four hours I should be at the airport waiting to board the plane to Salt Lake City, Utah. I will have my good friend Gail next to me and plenty of 80's tunes geared up on the Ipod. The flight is on time and no inclement weather is on the radar. So all is good.

I just called Meg, who arrived in Provo on Sunday. She's about to meet up with some other early Spraguers and the Ms. Jessica herself in about half an hour. They've got an entire fun-filled tour of SLC planned for the day. The flight won't land until after 6 P.M. and Meg will swing by to pick us up at the airport.

Then the fun begins!

I'm kinda upset at how all of my planning was in waste, though. When DSE (digital scrapbooking event) was announced and then the Spragueground decided to combine it with this year's Meet and Greet, I debated. Debated whether I could give up an entire week at school. This would entail all of my three personal leave days being used, plus two days without pay. I wanted to keep this trip's cost down as low as I could, so I opted to only take the three personal days. This way I'd be in school with the kiddos for the beginning of the week, have a day of fun with the other Spraguers and be there for the DSE extravaganza.

I felt even better about my decision when the (BLEEPITY BLEEP) furlough days were handed down from above. Surely didn't want to lose even more days without pay.

However, Mother Nature went on a rampage here in Georgia. It rained for an entire week straight. And not just any rain, but down pours. It was yucky, but livable since we needed the extra wetness. Then came Monday morning.

About 3 A.M. I wake up out of a dead sleep to flashing lights in my window. Freaky, I know. But it turned out to be a wacko lightning storm. Ran immediately to unplug the laptop because I definitely did not want that plugged in if a bolt decides to hit the house. (Could you imagine digital scrapping without a laptop??). Back to bed because it is a school day after all.

Get up at my usual time and arrive at school by 7 A.M. As I am squeaking down the hallway to my room, one of the fifth grade teachers says that school has been postponed for an hour and a half. There's been some flooding. Oh? Really? Hmm, okay.

Well, that flood just keeps getting worse and worse. If you haven't seen the news from GA, just youtube some of the footage. Entire schools and subdivisions under water. Very scary.

My thoughts definitely go out to the families that are suffering right now, but you could imagine how upset I was that they cancelled school entirely!

You mean, I could have gone for the entire week and not missed a single moment of Sprague-y goodness?

Oh, it gets better. They cancelled school for Tuesday as well....

Here I sit with nothing to do and four hours to while away until my flight. Everything is looking good for it to be on time with no delays - knock on wood.

So, I will enjoy the time that I was given in Provo and just make up for it by having an even better time!

See y'all there!

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