Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Last Day

June 27, 2009 1:05P.M.

After being humiliated by the fey flight attendant over a pen, I can write my final Italian entry. At the moment I am flying 536mph and 34,000 feet over the Adriatic Sea. The country I've spent three weeks hiking and enjoying recedes behind me. Yet, it won't be so easily forgotten. I wish I had thought to bring a pedometer to calculate the number of mile I've covered on this exploration. It feels like I walked from Rome to Venice and back. But the blistered feet and cracked heels do nothing to belittle getting to see Italy for myself.

The unique charms of the Cinque Terra town as they clutch to the rock face, the rolling hills and colors of Tuscany, the innate charm of the watery Venice, and the modern bustle of the ancient Rome were all as promised. Even the weather cooperated for the entire trip to make this an unforgettable foray across the Italian shores.

In the words of Ceasar, "Veni Vidi Vici". I too have come, seen, and conquered so much. It will always be Bella Italia.

I have arrived at 10:50P.M. Italy time. 4:50P.M. in the ATL. I have arrived with everything I left with. No one made any strange advances or even looked at us crosswise. We felt completely safe walking down dark dank alleys at all hours throughout Italy. My fears before the trip seem to be completely unfounded.

But I think I had to go through that period of trepidation in order to come out on the other end unscathed and completely in love with Italy. However, I never had that "Let's buy a villa and runaway to Italy" feeling come over me. I think I am too enamored with comforts to do that just now. Some day though, my feelings may change.

Gordon wants to try Greece or southern France next year. Hmmm

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CourtneyB said...

(insert clapping hands here!!!) Gary, I enjoyed reading about your 3 weeks in Italy. Your writing never disappoints! Glad you had a great experience. I hope to be able to see that side of the world with my own eyes one day.