Saturday, October 05, 2013

Currently - October

I have actually been looking forward to linking up with Farley at Oh Boy! Fourth Grade again. It means another month has slipped away and the holiday season is upon us. October is like the gateway to non-stop holiday fun. I love me some Halloween and spend the entire month shivering on the couch watching horror movie after bad horror movie. My idea of F.U.N.

Farley had her newest Currently already up and running when I checked in this morning, so here is my version:

Don't you just love the spooky color palette of the background? Shiver!

Listening: So, G. informs me that we aren't in for our usual Saturday routine of laundry, groceries and the occasional haircut. He had to work. For two hours! I plugged away on the computer playing catch=up with my blog reading. Then he sends me off on my own to do the grocery shopping since he'll be another hour. Ugh.

Loving: Bath and Bodyworks had a coupon recently for a free small candle. They had some great new scents for Fall, like Leaves and Autumn Road. But I chose Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin. It is so yummy! I find myself just walking by, popping the lid and taking a whiff. Am I weird?

Thinking: I need to go shopping! I met my implausible goal weight of 175, down from 220, on Wednesday. Now even some of my skinny pants don't fit. In a good way!

Wanting: I have 38 wonderful online friends trooping into Atlanta this Wednesday. And to welcome them to town I wanted to make little goodie bags filled with treats. One is going to be a Savannah inspired pecan turtle. But I need a candy thermometer to make sure I reach the 240 degree stage to set up my caramel. Somehow it's going to be difficult to keep my hands off these treats.

Needing: Currently all of my belts are wrapping around my body and all the way to the back. I've had to drill holes in them in order to continue using them. But I want a real belt, preferably something cool. See Thinking above.

Trick or Treat: I live in my school's backyard, literally. And there are tons of kids in my neighborhood who attend the school I teach in. I see them occasionally, but would rather they not know which house is mine. I've had to turn many away when they want to come over and 'visit.' Halloween Night is tricky. Normally I go out to dinner and avoid the whole scene. I got started doing this because I had two crazy dogs that could never handle so many visitors at the front door. Imagine trying to hold a bowl of candy and restrain a wild beagle from attacking small children. Awkward. But this year, my pups have passed onto the Rainbow Bridge and I am free to open my doors wide. Will I? We shall see.

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