Saturday, October 05, 2013

Tuesday Tried It - Goal Weight

If you follow me on FB or have been reading my post blogs lately, you are going to be tired of hearing about this. But I am so freaking excited, I can hardly believe it.

I met my goal weight!

Back in March of this year I weighed in at my highest weight ever, 220. My family has issues with weight and I got complacent about watching it. Then finally I stepped on that deadly weapon, the bathroom scale, and my jaw dropped. It just got to that point where I said, "NO!"

Sitting with a friend in a bar snacking on buffalo chicken wings drenched in blue cheese I caught an infomercial about a weight loss program. They were doing the ubiquitous before and after shots and I turned to her and said, "I want to look like that!" She replied that we would make the perfect Before models.

Mmm-mmm. Nope. Not this guy.

I went home and bought the program called Tapout. It promised a slimmer and trimmer you in only 90 days. It wasn't a diet pill or involved ingesting chemicals into my body. It was just a good old fashioned workout program that would take the weight off naturally. I have a aversion to medicines and worry about taking the wrong ones, so I opted for buying this program hoping it would do the trick.

It's a dvd workout program where you follow an MMA style fight training for an hour a day six days a week. It was hard and I sweated a lot. But I kept at it.

By the end of the 90 days I did lose weight, 42 pounds. I was also noticing some muscle definition that I had never had in my entire life. I was pleased with the results but wanted more. I went through the program for another 90 days, but didn't lose a single pound. It wasn't until my third rotation that the weight started coming off again.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013 was the day. I stepped on the scale and saw that implausible number I set down almost seven months ago. 175 was the lowest I ever remember being in my adult life and that was some 12 years ago. And I did it.

My next goal? To get to my suggested height weight BMI number - 165.

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