Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Oh Snap! Rounding Card set

At our last grade level meeting we were trying to brainstorm some great ideas to help our students with rounding. We were trying to figure out a way to have the students play a card game that might include some rounding. It wasn't working out exactly how we wanted.

I went home with Rounding on the brain and started googling some fun kid card games and found one that might work called Snap. It was pretty basic having the players turn over a card from a draw pile until a match was made. Whoever yelled, "Snap!" first won the hand. It got me thinking.

The idea for Oh Snap! Rounding version was born.

I brought the card set with four different colors and levels into the classroom the next day and let the kids play around with it. They immediately took to it and wanted to put in each of the higher, and harder, levels.

I videotaped them playing a round here if you are interested:

The card set is up for grabs at my store here.

The red card set is the first level where the numbers are written to the hundreds place. The students have to round to the nearest tens for each card. The second level is up to the thousands and rounding to the hundreds. There are two more levels that add more place values as you go.

The higher the levels go the more closer some of the numbers round to. So you really have to be paying attention in order to win the hand.

Fun times!

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