Friday, January 02, 2015

2015 - New Year's Resolution #1

Hi guys,
Remember me? It's been a while...again. I'm making my first New Year's resolution to be more committed to my TpT blog. You'll have to keep me honest with this one. I'm counting on ya!

I started off the year meeting up with some fellow Georgia Bloggers at a local restaurant. It was great getting to match some names with faces and picking up some great clues to try.

Just so you know, check out Plickers and Cahoots as some possible apps to share in the classroom. Thanks Deanna!

Here's a picture of my newest friends in 2015!

From left on back to right on back:
Natalie, Amanda, Jessica, April
Meghan, Felicia, Deanna

Georgia Bloggers Unite!

Sadly, I had to get back home and didn't take any cheesecake from the factory with me. So many sweets already waiting at the homestead.

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