Sunday, January 24, 2016

Harry Potter - Chapter 5 - Diagon Alley

I can't believe how quickly we've raced through the book so far. The first three chapters were for simple enjoyment. I didn't stress any real work, but to gauge how well they'd take to the book. Listening to their chuckles and outright giggles at the monstrosity that is the Dursleys, I knew they were going to enjoy this read aloud.

Once we got into Chapter 4 it was time to add more activities to our lessons. We looked at vocabulary. I stuck with four words at a time for each chapter. I wrote the words on a white board for them before we began. They copied each on a sticky note and put it onto a white lined piece of paper. As we read Chapter 4 I stopped when we came across one of them. I had them write down the sentence the word was in. We discussed what it could mean and then came up with a synonym (sometimes an antonym as well) and decided on part of speech.

There are now comprehension questions for every other chapter. The first two can be found from the text. I ask that they write it in such a way that isn't using information from the story. The evidence from the text goes in a separate box on the sheet. For example: The Dursleys wouldn't give Harry a proper bedroom. Evidence: He had to sleep in a cupboard under the stairs.

We have been doing some activities after our readings. The Wand Stories are done and floating on the wall outside our room under the banner of, "A Flutter of Letters."

Our House Cup Challenge is healthy as well. I need a ton of jelly beans! Hufflepuff is actually commanding a great lead out of all four houses.

The students have been haranguing me outside at recess for hints and spoilers. I am trying to be tight lipped, but they ask very pointed questions since most have seem several of the movies.

We've found the Pandora Harry Potter station and listen to that in the morning during our DBQ time. It's actually quieter now.

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