Sunday, January 03, 2016

Harry Potter - Wand Making 101

Today went a lot better than I expected. If you, like me, as a teacher have prior experience with a hot glue gun, you know my fears. When Amelia suggested that I buy large sized bamboo skewers and decorate them with hot glue I was a little frightened. But it worked!

I also thought it would take all day to get 24 of these things done. But it took less than half an hour to dribble hot glue down, around, swirled up, and across each of them to make them unique and special. The best part was figuring out how to use some leftover craft foam as a stand for them as they dried. I'm thinking I might use this later as a place to store them as they paint them as well.

I have tons of paint and glitter from my crafty scrapbooking days and can't wait to let the students loose on creating their own wands.

I have an inkling that we'll need to have a serious discussion about PROPER WAND USE before I let them use these. If you have any suggestions on how to keep this more controlled without any stabbing or poking of eyes, I'd sure appreciate it!

For another idea on how to make your own wands, you could check out this board that my newest buddy, Tina shared on her Harry Potter Pinterest board.

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