Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Across Covid America - Tour of National Parks 2020 - Day 30 - The End

Day 30
18147 mileage
9:08 A.M.
3639 steps

We did it. We set out to spend a month reveling in this great country of us and here we are on Day 30. We did not, as some predicted, kill each other along the way. We did enjoy ourselves immensely and managed to check several items off our Bucket List. 

One of our final planned stops was to be in New Orleans for lunch with my niece. Again, major Covid hotspot which is why we didn't plan on staying there overnight. We hung out for an hour and then jumped back on the road to head to Mobile, Alabama. 


We made it for the five hour drive and checked into the hotel. Umm, it was kinda stinky and not very well cleaned. We were tired and were only staying one night so we decided to overlook this and go out to dinner. 

G realized we were only five hours from home. After much discussion and telling him it was his decision since he would do all this driving back to back, we decided to forego the hotel and push ourselves onward. 

We arrived on Wednesday, July 1 at 1:21 A.M. 

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