Friday, June 20, 2008

Friends who Lunch

I had a really awesome lunch yesterday with my friend, Krisy. She is watching my dogs while I am off to Hawaii. I had to give her the keys, so she suggested we meet for lunch. She had the perfect place in mind. It was in the downtown square. A great restaurant called McRary's Tavern. The best part was to be that we could eat lunch up on the roof. It was a perfect day for it too. The temperature was excellent and the sky was bright blue. Unfortunately we weren't the only ones to have this idea. The roof was packed when we arrived at 12:05. We were first told the wait would only be fifteen minutes so we sat on a bench under a shade tree. We were chatting away like magpies when the hostess came out and told us the wait would actually be more like an hour. WHAT? Krisy, with her amazing brain, suggested that we eat lunch inside and then after the lunch rush passes through that we go upstairs and have a drink. I mean we did come all that way just to sit out on the roof. That's just what we did. The menu was really interesting with an appetizer of gorgonzola potato chips with bacon and tomatoes. YUM! I also ordered the smoked salmon with roasted pepper panini. Krisy had her favorite portabello sandwich.

It was nice to see the downtown area so active. Reminds me of something Gordon said. He was talking about how the gas prices are going to start changing the way people do things like travel and entertain themselves. The idea of a central area where people will congregate, like a downtown, will probably start picking up. It might not all be bad if that happens. It might invigorate the 'small town' feel again. People would get to know and interact with their neighbors again. What's wrong with that?

Anyway, I digress. We finished our lunch and headed up the long twisting flight of stairs to the rooftop patio. Awesome view of the courthouse and churches. I got some great shots. Here's one of Krisy enjoying the day:

I will probably be going back to that restaurant soon!
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