Friday, June 20, 2008

Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Gordon and I did something completely spontaneous tonight. He was able to come home early from work due to summer hours. He brought lunch home but we didn't get to eat it until about 2 P.M. With us eating so late, when it came to dinner time neither one of us was too hungry.

So I suggested we feed the dogs, throw them out, and head over to the theater to eat popcorn and watch Indiana Jones. His response? When's it playing?


There weren't too many folks out watching movies tonight so I got to stretch out across several seats. It was great. The movie starts off a little slow. The real action takes a bit to get warmed up. Once it does, though, Watch Out!

The plot was sort of predictable, but I found that to be the endearing part. It was like I knew the characters and how they would react. This made the movie more enjoyable because it was like watching old friends. Karen Allen had a much more interactive role in this one. Loved that smile she had on every time she got the better of the bad Russians.

Even Cate Blanchette's goofy accent didn't deter from the movie. I do think she got what she deserved though. Ask and she shall receive, eh? hee hee

Overall, I loved the movie and thought it was a lot of fun for a Friday night.

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