Saturday, June 07, 2008

Random Acts

During the Friday Night Crop Meg and I were just sitting there cutting and pasting. Definitely not causing any problems. Minding our own business in fact. When Ali Edwards walks by, followed by the other instructors. At the very end of the line is Jessica Sprague happy as can be. She had just come back from shopping and wanted to share her wares. Who does she stop and talk to like old pals? US!!!

She was sharing this great breezy shirt she had bought for Jared because Raleigh is experiencing a record heat wave right now. She also told us this funny story of how her hubby so subtly let her know that he was indeed finished with his ‘plaid’ phase.

Next she pulls out a beautiful boxed set of cards from Papyrus. They have this gorgeous blend of turquoise and orange colors. It had an Asian garden feel with cherry blossoms and peacocks. Real pretty. Out of nowhere she says, “Would you guys like one?” Jessica Sprague then proceeds to write out a personal note. One for Meg and one for me.

This is not even the amazing part. Do you understand how absolutely thrilling it was to have my personal hero walk right up to me and start a normal every day conversation? It is as if Lance Armstrong pulls up alongside you on your 12 speed and asks if you want a swig from his Gatorade.

Jessica provides inspiration on a daily basis. And she loves it! Reaching out and being there to help others find their way. There’s not enough of this going on. Plus she has such a fun and creative outlook on life. I like that about her.

I’m going to stop the gooey-ness here. I just wanted y’all to know how special someone made me feel today.
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