Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I am separating this word, because that's how YUCKY it feels to have this thing. Last week one of my little darlin's comes to me and says, "Mr. F, look at what we have to go to the doctor's for tonight!" in such an eager voice I had to look to build up self-esteem when I can, right?

So stay with me and imagine my recoil of horror when I notice the "Fungus-Amongus". Sent him immediately to the nurse. She confirmed it.

I didn't think anything more about it until today. I was in the midst of my lazy period and hadn't shaved in awhile. It got itchy so I shaved it clean before leaving for school. I was washing my hands after lunch and happened to look in the mirror (can't have lasagna in my teeth, can I?).

This is the moment when I recognize what that itchy area on my face actually was. GAAAAAAAH!

And with me flying out to Philly to conduct another ghost hunt with my family (more about that in next post) on Friday.

I feel yucky.

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