Monday, June 29, 2009

Day Cinque (pronounced Chink- way)

June 13, 2009 8:09A.M.

Well, here it is. The end of our first leg of Italy. It came, was grueling in parts, and went. In an hour we'll be on a fast train to Pisa to make our connection to Firenze.

Yesterday was another day of what the guide book promised as an "Easy" hike. I don't who the people are that decide these things, but they need to be shot. Trail No. 9 to Santuario Madonna di Soviore was almost straight uphill. The inclines were rough and the path alternated between uneven pavers on a mule trail to asphalt to rocky crags. Translation: grueling. Never have I sweated so much and had to stop so often to let my heart slow down. The church was interesting, though. The story of the doves revealing the wooden statue buried to protect it from WWII soldiers was intriguing. But too soon we had to replace our packs on our cold sweaty backs and go back down. It went faster buy try telling that to my legs.

Next was a boat ride over to Riomaggiore for some great photo opportunities. Then train it back because the next boat wouldn't be for two more hours. It's about 5P.M. Time for nibbles and then some tennis on tv, in German.

Earlier we tried getting money from the ATM but it kept saying our account wasn't available. EEK! We had to wait the our and a half for the bankers to return from lunch so we could get some money out. Thankfully we did this today instead of waiting til Saturday. Gordon's tip to Travel in Italy #4 (#1 one easily carried backpack, #2 clips for everything, #3 be early).

Dinner was decided on quickly once we noticed many restaurant tables had reservation placards up. It was the Belvedere for our last night. The food was very goo. Only two things spoiled it. A gaggle of drunk trust fund babies and a smoker who insisted on smoking through the entire meal.
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