Monday, June 29, 2009

Day Four

June 12, 2009 8:54A.M.

Oy, muscle ache is not fun on vacation. Gordon keeps feeding me bananas, something about potassium being good way to ward off crampings. I keep pushing for some beach time. Alas, no acquiescence (sp?). We found that the ferry does indeed stop at Riomaggiore. We train it over to Corniglia to continue the rest of Trail No. 2. Of course it was pretty smooth the whole way. A bit of up and down in Manarola. We didn't stay long there. Got right onto the Via Dell'Amore. Nice and smooth and blissfully SHORT walk. Think of the villagers voluntarily carving this out with picks and buckets. The Italians love their graffiti though. We found a cute Lover's Bench surrounded by tons of locks of love.

We meander through Rimaggiore finally finding the ferry ticket office at the bottom of these long steps. Only to discover the ferry had been cancelled due to rough seas. Of course they couldn't have put a notice at the TOP of the stairs, could they?

Nap upon return. Then out to explore the more resort part of Monterosso. Dinner was decided at Ely. Best food so far in Italy. Once it cooled enough not to scald my face. Ask to see the mark.
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