Sunday, January 15, 2006

Crucial Information Here

I have been searching and searching for the correct procedure. Finally someone had to smack me down when my files were creating too much bandwith at the FTP site. (they were too big and taking up too much room!) Apparently when creating digital elements it is customary to save in certain formats.
1. For Background papers make sure that you start out with it set at 300 dpi. This will let the new owner of your kit resize to their heart's content without the original getting all pixelated. Then save your files in jpeg format.
I usually save them at 500x500 for the web for viewing purposes.
2. For elements, or anything with transparent backgrounds (ribbons, slidemounts, etc) save them as png files. People are requesting that they all be in their own individual folders for ease of use. No one wants to learn the new trick of trying to cut an embellie from a slew of them on one page.

Earlier Question: "Would someone please comment and tell me if I need to interlace or not when I save it to png????"
Answer: NO, you do not unless you are using it for webpage design.
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