Saturday, January 14, 2006

Magic Mesh is SUPER easy

I absolutely had NO clue that making magic mesh would be so easy. I was creating a layout for something and thought some magic mesh would be perfect on it. I remember that Scrapbook-Bytes had a tutorial. I zoomed over there and was surprised that it had something like THREE steps. I thought this can't be possible. But it is, IT IS!!
If you click on your paintbrush tool and select the Faux Finish brushes there are several brushes already done up in the format of magic mesh. So all you have to do is set the size you want and click away.
I tried just brushing straight across, but it was one big mess. I was working on some other stuff so I kinda cheated and just clicked each section next to each other. I am sure that you could play around with the spacing and the scatter options to make it easier.
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