Saturday, January 07, 2006


I am NOT loving this Radiance kit. I think I am trying to use too many realistic elements. I took the photos of blankets and fabrics from the stateroom and tried using them as background papers. I resized the original photo to fit on 12x12 and then added texture, or grain, or burned some edges. I even stuck to a color palette of blue, red, browns. I am just not loving it as a kit. Would I use it? Probably not, so I have to do some thinking on this.

One bright spot was creating this tag that I thought was pretty cool. I used the star embellishment I shot in the bathroom of all places.
1. I made a simple black rectangle and then topped it with an arrow shape also in black.
2. I duplicated that layer and then reduced it a few % just to offset it from the black background. Then filled it with an antique brown color.
3. I used Richard's Old Paper Tutorial (http://www.richardsramblings.
com/archives/2005/01/001758.html) and distressed the edges of the smaller tag layer. I couldn't quite understand his ideas on dodging and burning the edges by various degrees, so I skipped that part.
4. Then I pasted in a copy of the star embellishment and reduced the opacity of that level.
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