Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Master Bath - - Day One

Original Designs:

Garden Tub

Shower Stall

The day has indeed finally arrived. After almost an entire year of our master bathroom being out of commission, we are ready to begin remodeling. The more I live in my current home, the more I hate those builders who thought they could get away with cutting corners. Every day something new pops up (literally sometimes) and it makes me wonder how the house ever passed inspection. ~sigh~
We stopped using the master shower right after returning from Christmas with the family around December 27th. We had noticed caulking coming unseated and blackish mold growing along the seams. A decision to let the tile wall in the shower dry out has now become a ten month ordeal that is ending today!

Home Depot, especially Chris, has worked hard with us to make our vision become a reality. If things work out according to plan y'all may never see me again because I won't be leaving my bathroom, ever! You'll see what I am talking about as I update the progress, so keep an eye out for new posts.

Today I came home from work and they had completed all of the demolition of the old bathroom. The yucky cracked tile floor is gone. The oversized double vanity and garish mirror have disappeared. The shower stall has been completely ripped out and hauled away. Leaving a new kind of mess in its place. But with a little imagination I can almost see a light at the end of the tunnel.
Doug, the Tile Guy as he is to be forever known, says that he should be out of here by next Friday. Hmm, I am hoping this project does NOT turn into a scene from the old Tom Hanks Film, The Money Pit. The one where the builders kept insisting it would only take two weeks and kept saying it for the next two years. Please please please don't be that way!

Here's a shot of the shower head placement. Yes, you counted correctly. There are FOUR side nozzles being installed. Plus a rainshower head soon to be arriving!

Here's a shot of what was lurking behind the moldy corroding tile wall. Blackish insulation and badly placed boards. Thankfully this isn't as bad as could be inspected. No Black Mold, yippee!

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