Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Blog-ality Home Makeover

How do you like my made up word for the day? Blog-ality is fusing a little bit of that reality TV show craze I've been binging on for the last week and some blogging to share it all with you!

I think it would be so cool to appear on one of those Home Fix It shows that I love: Flip or Flop, Love it or List it, Elbow Room, Yard Crashers. But sadly, no matter how many times I've been in Home Depot no one has approached me with a surprise backyard. Pooh.

That's not going to stop me though! G and I have lived in our current home for the past 14 years. When we bought it the countertops and cabinets were already there. We decided to overlook that and choose flooring and lighting. Since we were transplanted from California and had two dogs we choose some terra cotta tiles and berber carpeting. After the dogs passed we realized just how dirty the carpeting had become. Ugh. It was time to upgrade {or move}. Since the housing market hasn't woken up completely, it was stay here.

We contacted a few designers for a quote. After visiting with them for a few weekends we opted for RCD Designs. They really responded to our needs and were extremely prompt in returning all questions and requests. Many weekends of gazing at granite and touching floor samples ensued.

Now, five months later, the fated day had arrived. It was time to start. I won't go on about how long it took me to pack everything up and move it to other side of the house. I'm just happy the waiting has stopped. Three men came in and immediately started ripping old plywood cabinets off the walls. YAY!

I've been snapping away as they moved through the house. As they do their thing we've been redoing some other projects as well. Including ripping off wallpaper that had been applied directly to the dry wall. SPOILER ALERT: This is not fun! It took four days to complete and repaint a nice medium brown.

Here are some shots of the demo so far. They completely gutted the cabinets, appliances {going to Habitat for Humanity}, and a small island. The mantle came off the fireplace and will be replaced with stacked stone all the way to the ceiling.

Now they are pulling all of the 1300 sq. ft. of tile off the floor. It's a bit noise. 

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