Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Day Nine

June 18, 2009 8:14A.M.

Just did a pastry run. It was Allison’s turn and she needed a guide. Good thing I went, lots of cute Italians hanging around.

Yesterday was spent in Florence doing the Rick Steves’s tour. We had downloaded free audioguides of both Uffizi and Accademia. There’s also a Renaissance Walk, but Gordon forgot his IPOD in the car. We had to take some time to go back and get it.

We got to stroll along the Arno up to the Ponte Vecchio. Beautiful ancient bridge overwhelmed with jewelry stores. Strange, but

Uffizi was not to my liking. The grouping of statues lining the halls of the original offices had little explanations and were odd pairings. I’m not big on religious paintings, so we rushed through most of it. The Botticelli’s were fascinating. I loved the da Vinci “The Annunciation” with its perfect converging lines. Moving on.

Piazza Vecchio was great for lunch surrouned by Posidon and Hercules and fake David. In fact I bought an apron with David’s torso and cookies on it, ha!

We meet up with most of the group at 4P.M. outside this graffiti covered plain building that houses the Accademia. Turns out it was a converted nunnery. Since we had to wait 30 more minutes before our entry time Julie made the best suggestion to sit in this shady grassy park and have gelato.

Rick Steves suggested we start with David, but he didn’t prepare us for the tingling sensation you get as you turn the corner and spy the statue at the end of the long hallway lit from above by the domed skylight that seemed made for such an exalted sight. Even though it’s strictly forbidden to take pictures, I snuck a few.

The entire group was meeting back up at the Baptistry doors at 6P.M. We arrive a little early and crowd watch. There were two poorly made up women dressed as white faced nuns who were going around the piazza smooching for money. That seemed to be the only cause for the dreaded pick-pockets or child-throwing gypsies that we saw.

Head home for leftovers and beer and ricotta cake (bless you, Vicky). Alan and Vicky bought me a second David apron as I found them the hat store they’d been searching for all day, Ciao Bella!
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