Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Tuesday Tried It - Group Caddies

I like things neat. I do. I confess.

Over the summer I attended a Math Summer Camp staff development. The teacher had these great color coordinated caddies that he used for each group. I thought it was a perfect way to make sure that all equipment was put back in its right place and I wouldn't be wandering around trying to figure out which group didn't have enough white boards.

I scoured the Dollar Store for four sets of color coordinated items. I was able to secure a blue, green, and red set of caddies, trash cans, station bins, and book baskets. I had to cobble together the fourth set of purple and black items to make it all work.

Then a colleague who had gone to the Math Camp with me offered to let me use her spray paint for the backs of my white boards. Of course I had to go out and buy a yard of fabric to cover the center areas of each group that matched their colors. It was a bit of a stretch to find space themed fabric in those specific colors, but I made it work. I was done!

The one thing I didn't count on was the children actually using the materials. Man! They just grabbed and snatched and threw things back in willy-nilly. It was looking so beautiful before they arrived. After four weeks of this I had to go through and fix them all up pretty again. It was driving me nuts.

Oh, and I am printing this picture out and gluing it to a stick that will poke up out of the caddies for them to see. Then I just tell them to make their areas look just like the picture. This will work, right?

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