Friday, September 13, 2013

Sad No More - Classroom Friendly Supplies

I was struggling through my read aloud, Wonder by R.J. Palacio, at the end of the day. I say struggling because the Pencil Sharpeners were also doing their job. They were grinding away over in the corner, but as I'm sure you can guess the SOUND was just atrocious and completely blocked out my voice. I powered on because they had to sharpen, right? How else was I going to keep up with all those pencil demons eating our supplies? It was a necessary evil.

Then, just as I was walking my class out the front door to catch their buses, I saw a small box stacked up by the side of the door where our school's bookkeeper usually piles the incoming mail. I turned to one of my students and said, "That BETTER be my new pencil sharpener." I finished my drop off and rushed back into the building to discover that Friday the 13th has indeed become a GOOD OMEN. My brand new green pencil Sharpener from Classroom Friendly Supplies had arrived.

I snatched the box from the floor and instantly started searching out Jessica Ivey to share the joy of this occasion. I knew she'd understand for she had been in this moment before. She wasn't in the hallway, but the front desk clerk pipped up, 'What ya get?' Oooh, I had to show someone. I was just bursting at the seams. My classroom key dangling from my neck instantly become a box cutter as I sliced my package open to reveal the gleaming casing of my brand new sharpener. I raved. I drooled. I explained. I ranted. I told them everything I could about this amazing new product.

As I was talking, two more people joined us. I lifted the goodness from the box and two more people joined the group. By this time Jessica Ivey spied my newest arrival and zoomed right over to join me in some impromptu dancing and screaming. Four more came over. I was pointing out all the fun features and Jessica said, "Do you want me to show you how to use it?" Before I could even respond a chorus of "yes Yes YES" came from the cluster of fellow teachers around the front desk.

So she pinched the top two buttons and slid out the pencil holder and placed the serious dull pencil into the machine amidsts some oohs. The she started turning the crank handle as everyone leaned in to try and pick up some sound. Nothing. Not a whirl, not a grind, not a peep. Seriously. She held up the final product to some serious AAAHHS. Lo and behold a veritable spear of a pencil was held aloft the admirers.

Everyone was firing questions about where did I get his. How did I get this? How could they get one? How much does it cost? Our technology specialist grabbed the invoice and immediately made a copy. I mentioned that she should show and tell this with our principal and maybe get one for each teacher. She nodded vigorously and mentioned that maybe at least our Sunshine Committee could raffle some off.

I had to break the sad news that I must be going. It is Friday after all and I was eager to head home. Everyone stood silent, eyes burning with envy, as I walked away with my prize. It had been another long week at school. But at least I knew that come Monday my pencil woes would be gone. I was now in possession of the greatest teacher product to ever come into play, The Classroom Friendly Pencil sharpener.

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