Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Wednesday Writing - FABLE-ous Tales

If you remember Monday's post, I was telling you about my co-workers Fable Lesson called Aesop-lutely FABLE-ous. My students were to organize and write their very own fables. I wanted to check back in and let you know how it went!

I think they had some fun with this one. I had a few share their fables and then we had to guess what the moral was. It was interesting to hear some of the tales!

I thought I'd share a few (spelling intact):

From ND
One day there was a fox named billy. He liked to go to partys. When he found out there was a party nearby, he would always lie to his mother and say that he was just going to play outside. But one day he changed his lie. That was a mistake. He said he was going to go to get some berries. When he got back from the party his mom said where are the berries. He said none of them were there. She looked outside and there were thousands of berries there. She said you are in big trouble. Billy decided  to never lie again because the more you lie the more trouble you will be in.

From SG
One after noon an ant was playing with the other ants work. They told him to help But he said No. So finilly thay said that if he did not do the work he would have to always work and not aver get to play. So ant helped and was alowd to play.

From FK
The Fox and the Crane
There was once a crane with a chease in her mouth. A fox came he was hungry when the bird came the fox stared saying nice thing about her he said sing and sing as loude as she can 1 sec later the cheaze fell and the fox gulp it up and ran she was sad she couldn't eat it.

They have some creativity in there, most definitely. Now if only the grammar was up to snuff. Ha!

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