Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Wednesday Writing - Peer Editing form

We have been plugging along with our first piece of the year. It seems to be taking a lot longer than usual because we stop every now and then to do an opinion piece, or response to lit, or persuasive piece, or something else to satisfy the requirement to hit all of the genres in one nine week. Not sure if I like this idea, but I digress.

We have made it to the Peer Editing Stage where the students have revised and edited with colored pencils to show their changes. Now they are going to share their story with a partner. I have them swap books so that they can see their writing in a real audience's hands. Then they read each piece aloud so the author can hear their words. This will help them understand that their handwriting and spelling does really make a huge difference. If they know someone else will be looking at, they will try a little harder, right?

Since they only have ten minutes tops to read each other their pieces, I created this sheet to keep them on task. You can get it here.

They can take the sheet back to their seats once the time  is up to finish filling in their thoughts. Once complete, they return it to their partner to glue close to their story's rough draft in their Writer's Notebook. Each can make further changes at this time based on suggestions or questions their Peer Editor had. Then they are ready for the Final Draft.
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