Saturday, June 21, 2014

Five For Friday - June 20

Lazy summer days full of laying by the pool and watching past seasons of True Blood. Life is good. Here's a few things I managed to get off the couch for. 


Monday started off with some bad news. I finally broke down and went to the chiropractor because my back had been hurting for a month. After X-rays, it turns out I have not one, but TWO herniated disks. I got my first 'adjustment.' It was such a creepy sound hearing him crack my back and my neck. Doc had to keep telling me to relax before he snapped something. So Freaky! But my back does feel better.
Tuesday I spent shopping for a burrata and other essentials for a dinner party for tomorrow. Then I worked for two hours prepping and baking things including a really delicious jicama salsa and skirt steak tacos. Yum!
Wednesday was busy. I had set up my first Summer Lunch Bunch earlier. Then went ahead and double booked myself for a dinner party on the same day. Oof. I ran in town to hang out with my good pal Christina and her beautiful babies. Sadly, Krisy couldn't join us this time. After lunch I ran home to start whipping up dinner for our last dinner party in the 'old' kitchen. Here's Jessica and Mike waiting for some food! (Check out my post on Tuesday to see what all I cooked up!)

 Thursday was a day to definitely relax. But more sad news came along. Turns out I had a virus on my brand new laptop and had to spend two hours on the phone with Dell Support. Hopefully it's all taken care of now! I placated my sadness with some serious pool time. It was perfect just hanging out reading Divergent and listening to tunes. Back at home I was able to whip through the rest of my school project. I finished my chair pockets!

Friday was the day I decided to take down the doghouse. It's been almost two years since our fur babies have left us. The doghouse was just taking up tons of space on our smaller than small patio. It was time. Yeah, it wasn't an easy start. I start pulling off boards and unleash a wave of very angry wasps. Whee! I ran over to Home Depot to pick up three cans of wasp spray. It kills on contact. I took care of that problem and took out my frustrations with a hammer to dismantle the doghouse. It was a bittersweet moment when it was all done.
Hope everyone is having a wonderful week! Enjoy your weekend!

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