Friday, June 06, 2014

Five for Friday - June 6

Whoosh! It feels so good to be able to just sit down and BLOG again!

School got the better of me and the end of the year was such a bullet to the finish. I can now officially announce that I had some really great test results. I was kinda worried with this group, but they came in with flying colors. So proud of them!

But now Summer is HERE! I have sent my little ones off into the big wide Fifth Grade world and already started printing out materials for next year. I've got Saving Fred already set to go, and the Personal Graphs waiting for students to fill in with their personal preferences regarding school subjects.

With a little time before the new year flies in my face, I thought I'd link up with Doodlebugs again for some good old fashioned Five For Friday!
On Monday I laid out my plans for the next couple of weeks. This would keep me focused and off the couch. I started packing up my kitchen for the remodel starting in July. That was all finished by noon. I got started on making some chair pockets (another post on that later), but then I broke the sewing needle.
New day, more plans. I set about organizing a new internet connection. It was taking Clear up to 35 minutes to download a 2 minute video of dancing cats. I was tired of waiting! I put it out on FB that I was looking for something new. The resounding votes were for Comcast Xfinity. I called them up and set up an appointment for tomorrow to come out and install it. Yay!

Today was the day to sit around waiting on Maintenance People. Comcast was set for 1-3 and then I had the Wildlife folks coming out to check traps in the attic for critters. They said mysteriously sometime after noon. Turns out after noon means 3:30. Comcast came out at 2:15 and drilled a hole in the wall and installed the new modem I bought. Clickety click, they were done. OooOOoOoOh, it was so faster!

I stopped by school yesterday to check out my new chair pocket and make sure they fit. It was perfect, if a little large. So I went back home and cut out all of my templates and folded them. Turned on the sewing machine and the it just hummed at me. Now I am not the best sewer in the world, but even I know a humming needle that doesn't move is not good. I turned that thing off.

Today is all about Orange is the New Black. I know I should be thinking about those brave soldiers that made DDay so successful, but I've been waiting for months for this new season to start! I'm already two episodes in and I feel the couch calling my name. Not good. Maybe I'll go sit by the pool.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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