Thursday, November 20, 2008

Day Eight - - Grout

Here you can see Doug sealing the slate flooring. Unfortunately the stuff dries and the floor will not always retain this huge glossy shine.
I love the beautiful color variations of this floor. Doug did a fantastic job of arranging the different tile patterns across the room.

The shower stall is completely grouted. I can just imagine the amount of time he had to work with this. He had to lay down the grout and then wipe off each individual stone across the entire wall and floor. GAH! No thank you.
He tells us that we can use a high gloss sealant on these pebbles to make them shine. YAY! I like that idea because I think the grout kind of dumbs down the effect of the pebbles.

A close up of the wall with the grouting all done.

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kylee said...

Gary, I love the new bathroom... I have been following your posts and can really see it coming together! Beautiful colours and love the slate and pebbles... :) Can't wait to see it finished!