Monday, November 17, 2008

Day Five - - Walls Up

It was a tough three days to get through. I got so excited watching all of the changes develop last week. Waiting those three days with nothing happening was rough on the anticipation scale.

Well, was I in for a surprise today. Doug returned bright and early (7:30 A.M.). So on a day off I can't even sleep in. Little price for such a great job. He worked all day to get the shower stall walls up. Poor guy had to pick through the pebble sheets to find ones that didn't have big have stones on it.

He got that all up by around 2 and then started in on the RainForest Green marble tile. This is going to run up along the walls around the entire room. He was cutting and hanging that until 5:30. Amazing how much he can get done in such a short time. The one time I did a tile floor it was an agonizing three days for just a straightforward rectangular room.

I digress. Doug will be back tomorrow to do the rest of the rainforest. Then maybe start on the slate??

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