Thursday, November 27, 2008

Day Eleven - - Done???

Oh joy!~ Oh tiny kittens and puppies! Oh unexpected bonus checks!! The day is here. At last a project started way back in December of 2007 has come to it's 'almost' completion.

It's the first day of my Thanksgiving Break and I got to sit around waiting for contractors. YAY!! The plumber was to be out between 9 and 10. He showed up after 11. Something about car trouble. He was here to install the shower heads, the faucets, and the superflush toilet. I asked him to start with the shower because the company who put the shower glass walls together were coming out soon. He got right to work.

The glass guy was to be here between 11 and 1. He showed up after 12. He also got right down to business.

It was a long day waiting around for them to finish. But finally around 4 our project director Mike and his boss came by to take a look at the final project. The boss did a double take when he saw our bathroom. He told us it was definitely not the typical beige tile and white appliance look. In his opinion it was absolutely gorgeous. Mike too was pleased with how it turned out. He does a lot of $100,000 bathrooms with marble going all the way to the ceiling. It gets kind of boring to him. But then he comes across our design (much less than $100K) and he can't compare it. Warms the heart, doesn't it?? Or are they just trying to make us feel great about our finished project? Either way, I still love my bathroom.

The shower heads are in. Yep, that is plural! There's the big overhead main piece, and then four separate wall jets. Each one is adjustable. Ooooooooh!

The faucets tooks some finagling because of the vessel bowl placement and then the La Toscana faucets needed so much distance from the wall. At last it was all in place and we got to flush the toilet for the first time. Let me tell you: It SUCKS! Superflush it is.

Only one problem we noticed so far. The drain installed in the vessel bowls sit above the base so water stands there. We might have to get the holes enlarged so that the drain sits down into the bowl.

From here on out we need Doug to come back out and grout underneath the shower heads because they don't sit flush against the wall like they should. Hmm, didn't think of that while installing the pebbles. Our mirrors are being built by Home Depot and should be done sometime next week. We have some more painting to be done. We already did a primer base of a medium gray color. I thought that would be too dark, but everything is looking really great together.
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