Thursday, November 13, 2008

Master Bath - - Day Four

Cabinets have arrived. We saw this funky design in a showroom and really liked its creative twist on the doors and shelving. So we asked the fine folk at Home Depot if they could possibly create something similar? The answer..."Yes, of course. What kind of wood would you like?" I love Home Depot.

The doors are in a jigsaw cut design so that they are the old boring straight cut doors. There are two shelves inside that roll out on sliders. The top one is so cool because it has an insert cut out of it to make way for the piping underneath the sink. Clever use of space, I say.

I am so enamored with the oak hardwood finish of these that I would glady marry both of these vanities.

Want to see my loves? Since you asked, Okay:

We're also starting to see the pebble trims coming. There will be a two inch strip across the room of this pebble.

Remember the TileGuy, Doug? Well, he attempted to put up the first sheet of river rock for the shower walls. Too bad the tile mud couldn't hold up the weight. It slid right down the wall. Lovely. He has to come back with something stronger on Monday.
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