Friday, July 12, 2013

Friday Fun - Freebie Library Tags

I am currently working on a huge Library Tag pack to put in my TpT Store. I was making my own classroom set and thought how perfect to offer as a product. Here's a picture of what I'm doing.

And how I am using them in my classroom:
I bought some circular rings and name badge holders for this project. Saw it on Pinterest and love the idea. Last year I just printed out the tags and stuck them to construction paper, hole punched them and use zip ties. Yeah, they fell off. A lot. I tried using box tape, but that didn't stay put either. Hopefully this idea will save me all that headache.

For my set I changed the color slightly to fit my class and also added a gradient that made it look grunged up. 

The 3" by 2.25" tag set will come with rounded edges,  and AR levels from 1.0 up to 6.4 for the elementary teacher. I'm putting together a list of favorite authors and some general topics to add to the pack as well. The starburst pattern background can be changed to fit your color needs, so send me all your requests.

For today's fun part, if you leave me a comment telling me which color set would work best in  your room I will let Rafflecopter pick a winner. The contest will end next Friday and the winner will get this set for FREE in their very own color selected background!

Make sure you tell me all the specifics on your color choices. If you tell me green and yellow I'll have a hard time picking the proper tints. But if you tell me grassy green and yellow sun, that would make it  much easier on me.

Another way to win  TWO more entries will be to throw a link from your own blog back to this one and then leave me a comment where I can find you. Your name will be entered twice.

For a third way (isn't this fun?) you can go to my TpT Store and click the little 'Follow' button and your name will be entered twice more. Wow!

I'm so excited to see who wins!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Leslie Hathcoat said...

Royal blue and white
Thanks Leslie

Gary Fryns said...

No problem, Leslie! Good luck.