Thursday, July 18, 2013

Thursday Tutorial - QR codes 2

As promised, I am back with my completed parent letter to hand out during registration. Which, by the way, will occur in exactly 2 weeks, 3 days, and 22 hours (sigh). Using QR codes seems to be the easy part. The hardest thing about the process seemed to be where to store the information that I wanted parents to be pointed at when they read the QR code.

I did up some presentations using Prezi which was not self explanatory. I fumbled around a bit in there without watching any of their suggested tutorial videos or tips and tricks. Maybe I should have started there, eh? Anyway, be on the lookout for a Thursday Tut about this online tool. By the end I had two slideshows that parents could go through to discover a little bit more information about me and things that will occur in Fourth Grade this year. One was just information based, the other was how to create their own binder covers.

I bought 2" binders for my students to put all of their work in this year. I simply despise spiral bound notebooks and how messy they become so fast. I hate those metal spires that poke out every which way. And I simply detest trying to wrangle a stuck pencil out from the spine while trying to teach. Ugh! Last year I tried using a 1" binder, but found that we were constantly removing information such as Social Studies units from there to put somewhere else. There simply wasn't enough room. Hopefully the 2" binder will save us the trouble of doing that.

Here are the two QR codes I created using QR Stuff and you can try them out for me to see if there are any bugs before I present them to parents. (Thanks for the help!)

I am also including the editable parent letter I am handing out during our school's registration. Feel free to grab that and make it your own.

Parent Letter with QR codes

There you have it. QR codes made simple. I had an update from Ideas by Jivey that it doesn't look as if our school will be receiving any class sets of tablets with camera and internet access soon. But I'm hoping that enough parents have a smartphone with data plans that we can make use of this fun resource!

Let me know if you have any questions and I will try to figure them out. See you soon.

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