Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Tried It Tuesday - Sharknado!

I have a confession to make. I am a GOOBER for bad horror movies. That's why the SyFy Channel is listed as one of my favorite fast buttons at home. My family has this tradition when we get together. Everyone picks a bad horror movie to share and who ever brings the WORST wins the title "King/Queen of the Flop", until the next time that is.

SyFy has such eclectic tastes in its programming that it is never lacking in suggestions for me to bring.

This past week was no exception. Have you heard about their latest installment to sit on the shelves next to Mega Piranha and Triassic Attack? It's called SHARKNADO. Uh-huh. It really is. The premise is that a freak storm in LA pulls literally millions of sharks closer to the city where a water spout lifts them up into the air to create all sorts of havoc.

Oh, it was glorious in its cheese factor. Hilarious moments included quotes such as "I think we gonna need a bigger chopper" and one shark landing right on top of the exact car containing our illustrious heroes. Which leads me to the next factoid. The main characters are a definite dredging of the D List. Ian Ziering (from the original 90210) and Tara Reid (who is a whole other sort of hot mess) as a typical arguing couple who are separated at the moment. 

I hope I don't give anything away, but you can imagine the impression Ms. Reid gets while watching her husband battle a rainstorm of sharks with a chainsaw. By the end the couple is working towards settling their differences. Divorce lawyers take note! Throw a bunch of sharks at your client to see what they are made of.

I am sitting here giggling over how bad this movie was. I'm staging a viewing of it at my house today at 2 P.M. to get ready to bring it to my sister's house in Maine when we travel up there tomorrow. Hopefully our plane will be skirting any waterspouts full of sharks.

Oh, and just wait until you see the ending. It was truly spectacular, right down to the last cut. Ian is my hero.

As if I haven't interested you enough already, here's the trailer for the show that is due to repeat this Thursday night. Set your DVR!

Be WARNED, this video has been deemed to violent for TV.

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