Sunday, July 14, 2013

Math Literature Linky

Amanda and Stacia at Collaboration Cuties are doing their math literature linky party, so I thought I would bring this post back today. Go see them to link up your favorite math book idea.

One of the books our Math Coach uses in her series of Math Literature was the Greedy Triangle by Marilyn Burns.

It's a tale of a Triangle that whiles its day away being half of a sandwich, or sailing on a boat, or eavesdropping on people's conversations as the shape their elbows make against their body. The triangle becomes jaded with this lifestyle and wants something more. After asking for several transformations, the triangle realizes that her/his life isn't all that bad.

After you read this book to your students, you can pass out the following sheet for them to fill out on their own. (It's available here The Greedy Triangle Write Up)

 The students get to choose one of the shapes the Triangle goes through and apply it to shapes that they've seen around them. Encourage them to think of some really unique uses for their shape, like the shape made by people bending their elbows! This lesson will get them thinking about how the author gave several creative ways that geometric shapes can be found in the world around us. Their unique minds will think outside the box and show you some insight into their personalities. Just be prepared.

I would love a comment on the download at TpT on how you might be using this little idea for your classroom. 
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